How to become an Instagram Influencer

If you are planning this year to become an Instagram influencer then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll get different ways to become an Instagram Influencer. Because I will tell you the exact blueprint that I followed and got over 5000+ followers within a month.

How? Relax, sit down and take a cup of coffee because in the next few minutes you’ll get my secrets to become an Instagram Influencer.

I will tell you not only to become an Instagram influencer but also how you can earn from Instagram also.

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become an instagram influencer

Who and what is an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram Influencers are those people who influence other people by posting either useful images or videos on Instagram.

Influencers give inspirations and guide the people who want something better in their lives.

Whether it’s influencing to buy a product, to visit a place or just giving their unique style promises.

So, can you also become an Instagram Influencer? YES, Definitely! And the good news is that you don’t require a huge number of fan following.


How much following do I need to become an Instagram Influencer?

It really doesn’t matter whether you have 100 followers or 1000 followers. The thing that matter the most is the value you are giving to your followers.

If you are a genuine person and want to add some values in people’s life then it’s a best platform to start your career.

But if you are thinking that if I just post a photo and then tomorrow I’ll become a big star, then a big NO!

Because like every other life hustle, we need to work harder daily. It doesn’t mean that you just posted a picture and everything is done. No! You need to work upon it.

And believe me, I have also started with 0 follower and today I’ve more than 5000 followers. How? Because I have worked upon it regularly, and you can do this too.

So, let’s talk the step-by-step blueprint for becoming an Instagram Star-

Step 1. Find your Niche.

So, what is a niche? A Niche is a very small specialized section of big industry.

For Eg. If you are a travel agent for America but you like California and you know everything about this city. So, your niche specialization is California. Super Easy to understand.

And this is how you can also find out what do you like the most. Like if you love reading you can tell people how to read faster? What are the good books to read? You can give some tips about reading also.

Sounds Amazing Right? And in this way, you’ll also become able to earn money (We’ll talk about it later).

Step 2. Start an Instagram Page

Now, I’m supposing that you have found out your niche and now you are ready to get started.

In this step, you need to start an Instagram Page and make sure it must be a Business Account. Because there are multiple benefits of having an Instagram Business Page like-

  1. You will be able to see your Posts Insights
  2. Can promote any post in your feed.
  3. You can see how many people visited your page in the last 7 days.

And many more….

So, there are some benefits of having a business account rather than a personal account.

Choose Your Username

  • Your username should not be too long
  • Choose an easy to remember the name
  • Do not use any kind of symbols
  • Do not use  too much numbers in your name
Instagram Influencer
Instagram Influencer

Choose a Display Picture (DP)

Your Display Picture should be clean enough, make sure that you are not using too small picture that it can’t be seen clearly.

You can also use picture that shows your personality or your profession.

Use simple but clear face photograph only.

Choose a Perfect Bio

You can write about yourself and about your page but here also you have to very clear whatever you are writing.

The more you have clarity, the easier for your followers to understand you.

Follow these tips-

  • Tell people about yourself
  • Include a CTA (Call to Action)
  • Include benefits why people follow you
  • Put some previous achievements

Create your Content Strategies

Before putting out some contents on your page, you need to write down gather some content ideas. It helps you to not getting


Benefits of writing your strategies

  • You can think about the best content that you can put on your page
  • You get enough time to build your content strategies

Plan your Theme

Decide what would be your theme look like.

Decide basic theme colours for your page

But how do you create your theme? You can use some tools like –

These apps will make your profile look more beautiful.

Step 3.  Start Posting some Awesome Contents

Now, it’ time for an action! You have planned everything, now it’s time to put some content on your Instagram Page.

You can also start by simply putting your images but you have to tell your audience who you are.

Therefore, you can write in your caption about yourself, what you do, and why you started this page.

Don’t know how to write a caption? Don’t worry I’m always here to help you.

How to Write a Perfect Caption for Instagram?

If you are just starting out your Instagram Page then you can simply write about yourself. For E.g. When I started my Instagram Page, I wrote only few words about myself.

You can see below in the image what I’ve written.

So, in this way you will be very clear about your goals to your audience. Like for me, it’s business that whatever I am creating on my page is all about building businesses.

If you love traveling or cooking you can create some contents like “The Best Places to Travel” or “How to make a Yummiest Cake?”

In this way, you’ll easily get people’s attention and they would also like to follow you.

Hashtags Strategy

Hashtags play a very important role because it gives you the reach to your audience.

It helps your post to be seen by the greater number of people.

If you use the correct hashtags only related to your niche then it will really help you in getting lots of traffic (according to Instagram Algorithm).

But how to choose good Hashtags?  Whatever hashtags you are using you must remember that it would be related to your posts.

Otherwise it wouldn’t help you in getting engagement.

Don’t worry I will tell you the tools which you can use for finding out good hashtags.

Instagram Influencer

These are some apps which you can use for good hashtags:

  1. In Tags
  2. Hashtags for Instagram
  3. Tagify

Step 4. Growing your Instagram Page

If you have done everything correctly, you will soon realize that your Instagram account is growing.

And there is not a fixed time limit time in which you can achieve your first 1000 followers.

You have to be patient, there are some people who get their first 1000 followers in only a week. On the other hand there are also some people who get in 1 month.

So, it is dependent on your quality of content and also on your hard word work and consistency.

Be patient and consistent! This is the real key towards success in any field.

Instagram Stories

Using different Instagram features will also help you in growing.

Because if you use different features, Instagram Algorithm automatically help you in growing your account.

Stories also has a greater reach when you use it with a hashtag.

Here’s the list what you can put on your story:

  • Your daily routine short videos
  • Daily Tips about anything you like
  • “Ask me Anything”
  • Quizzes
  • Polling

So, you can put anything you like on your story and can add a hashtag also.

 Follow Popular Hashtags

By following popular hashtags in your niche, you would be able to know what is trending and what is not.

In this way, you can put content what is liked by people.

Instagram influencer
Follow popular Hashtags

Follow people in your niche

Now, it’s time for the action! My favourite part is this because once you start following other people accounts in the same niche, you will see that they also start to follow you.

But don’t play follow-unfollow game because people don’t like these things.

You have to follow at least 100 people daily to grow your account quickly. But remember that whoever you are following, they must belong to your niche. Otherwise they might not interested in following you back.

This step is really effective if you do implement it properly. Although, people always forget this step. That’s why I’m giving more priority to this step.

Don’t Underestimate the power REELS

If you don’t know what are Instagram reels, then I would like tell you that this is the new feature that Instagram has launched recently.

You can say that it’s a bit like TikTok, where you can make your 15 seconds videos of yourself.

It also gives a greater reach than IGTV. Because it’s a tried and tested method that I’ve seen by myself.

There is also a good thing about reels is that whenever you make a reel, you’ll get a chance to get on the explore page. Isn’t it awesome?

Instagram Reels are getting very high engagements these days. You won’t believe that one of my reel got over 50k views in just 2 days. Isn’t it amazing?

So, don’t miss this opportunity use this feature as much as possible.

Post Scheduling

It sometimes become very frustrating to post on a daily basis that’s why it’s better to schedule your posts.

So, I’m giving you some tools which you can use for almost free-

  1. Facebook Creator Studio
  2. Planoly
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Buffer
  5. Sprout Social
  6. Sked Social
  7. Tailwind
  8. Later

Use these apps/website for post scheduling and thank me later!

These are the best tools for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

I mostly use for my Instagram posts but you can use for any above of these.

Step 5. Reaching out to the Brands

Now comes with the most important part i.e. reaching out to the brands and earning money.

This is the ultimate part to become an Instagram Influencer.

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re putting your heart and soul in building your brand if you don’t get any money.

So, let’s begin how to approach brands for the influencer marketing-

There are different ways to approach brands like you can pitch them either via email or just Direct Message them.

In both of them you can write like this-

 “Hello, my name is ________. My account has this no. of followers. I love your product/service and want to collaborate with you. I think I would be the perfect person for your brand to do influencer marketing.

Also, I’ve very engaged community on my Instagram. So, you will definitely get a greater audience.”

That’s it! You can just send this email/dm and just directly ask for a collaboration.

What to not do your email pitch?

It’s totally good to know what to say in your pitch.

But it becomes smarter if you also know what to not say in your email pitch.

So, below I have some points written down that you should remember before reaching out to any company-

  • Don’t try to negotiate with prices they’re offering you because if you’re just staring out your career it’s better to just say “Yes”.
  • Just be honest with what you’re doing, don’t brag.
  • Don’t try to over express your Instagram Page.
  • Write every email by only yourself.


I hope that I have covered all the topic related to “become an Instagram Influencer”.

But if you still have doubts you can just DM me on our Instagram Page either on @AviiPreneur or @TheCynosureGirl.

We’ll definitely try to respond you.

So, the conclusion of this topic is only that whether you want to become the “President” or you just want to become an “Instagram Influencer”.

Both types of work need some hardships and consistency. You only have to believe on yourself to work harder and you’ll definitely achieve whatever you want from your life.

If you want some social media marketing service regarding your Instagram Page or Facebook Page. Then please visit ProWorkly

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