How to Create a social media marketing funnel that converts

Social media marketing is definitely going to be an important utensil inside your marketing management. Eventually, social media platforms play a crucial role in taking your business to greater heights.

This kind of marketing has been already adopted by many businesses now, yet too many corporates are still hesitating away from it for one major issue: they don’t have much idea about how they can execute this system into their current sales process, or maybe they don’t have workforces!

With a social media existence, your company can grow from enhancing brand awareness and nourishing relations between the business and your potential customers. With more than 3 billion social media users around the world, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn now become a must for any business to generate higher ROI from social media.

In this article, we will discuss precisely that – how to create a productive social media marketing sales funnel.

What is Sales Funnel?

A Sales and marketing funnel is a process of filter down your potential customer journey from the “brand awareness” step (when people find to know about your business) to the “final sale” step (when they are making a purchase from your company). Often funnels can also enhance after purchase process which increases customer preservation.

Your first attempt to create a funnel is to drive targeted audiences to the website. You can grow on search engines with the help of SEO friendly and plagiarism-free content, regular submissions, and getting backlinks from high authority sites. Once you started getting leads through your funnel, you can start creating engagement until the sale takes place.

To imagine your marketing funnel, visualize the steps that the leads come before the final sale happens. Usually, the sales funnel is derived in three main stages: top, mid, and bottom. Within these sections, the customer knows about your business relevancy, engages with the brand, decides to buy products or services from your company, and then changes into your impactful customer.

What is the Use of Social Media in Converting Sales Funnel?

Along with your marketing tactics, social media are often used to make brand awareness. With regular use of social media platforms, companies can encourage customers and make an engagement, therefore in the process, you can strengthen brand trust in your new leads.  Although, you can also approach them by creating genuine, and customized content that will outcome in a higher conversion sale, and favorable customer experiences.

Apart from growing awareness, the inorganic or PPC method is a major part of social media strategy too. You can use Facebook’s Pixels to collect targeted audience data that have high chances to make your campaign successful. By following the user’s interests, targeting pixels can feature your business to people who are likely to engage with your products or services and have high possibilities to convert. If you incorporate this with a plan to deliver a great experience for your potential buyers, your sales or marketing funnel will be unbelievably profitable.

Create Social Media Landing Pages

A landing page is an essential segment of the sales funnels. As a business expert, your main aim is for the user interaction to turn them to visit your page and ultimately make some purchases. Your job is to help them to pause their journeying following the process of the marketing funnel, give attention and offer your best service for your valuable customers.

Here are the basic tips and tricks for developing an effective social media landing page:

  • First, define your goal.
  • Keep your content short and informative.
  • Use social media testimonials and feedbacks.
  • Let them experience the overview of the product/ service.
  • Prefer to use the Call-to-Action buttons.
  • Appraise asking a question.
  • A/B testing.
  • Keep optimizing your landing page.

Increase Brand Trust

To grow brand trust, you must ask your past or initial customers to give reviews and feedbacks on social media page about the products and support they got from your company. Expectantly, you have provided the best services to your customers and have a bunch of reviews to let your audience know that it is relevant and trustworthy.

Try to motivate social media users to like and follow your business on social media platforms, it will help you to get genuine audience reviews and comments on your social media posts.

Successful social media campaigns are able to achieve multiple goals. They can raise brand awareness, boost confidence in products and services and promote trust in a business.

Create Engagement with Relevant Content

With the phrase AIDA, we can easily remember the process of making results through the sales funnel. AIDA is Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Firstly, you have to create content to get the attention of your target audience efficiently. Your content should perfectly match the need of your customer. Once you find them interested, provide more information about your product or services to engage them in vision to convert them into sales. Now the desire occurs in the mind of your customers, you have to pitch them with enthusiastic content to provoke and increase the possibilities to make a purchase. Make it easy for your customer to purchase your product in a good manner.

Despite many audiences start the process from the top of the funnel, but not every people do. You will find some of them in between the stages of the funnel, but the process of converting them into the final sales will be the same as discussed above.


Do not mistake anything, managing and winning with a sales funnel using the criteria as discussed earlier is never been easy. This is not something you will go to get outcomes on the very same day — it’s a chase that you’ll have to continuously pay attention to make huge business for your company. But in case, you are facing any trouble in maintaining your sales & marketing funnel, ProWorkly is here to assist you with better efficiency and effectiveness to convert your leads into potential customers.

If there is any query with the process of high converting sales funnel? We are here to help you!

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