How to do Digital Marketing as a Nutritionist?

Are you a Nutritionist and planning to do digital marketing? So, you have come to the right place because in this article you are going to learn how you can start your digital marketing journey.

Being a Nutritionist, it’s very important to have an online presence because most of your clients are now present on the internet.

Like most of the businesses, you should also work upon your digital presence. In order to build a healthy relationship with your clients, you need to stay updated with the current trends also.

So, in this article, you will learn the step-by-step process to build your profile digitally. Here I will tell you different ways to start your digital marketing career while being a Nutritionist.

So, we’ll focus on these 5 digital marketing tools-

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Social Media Advertising

3. Sales Funnel Management

4. Email Marketing

5. Content Writing/Blog Writing

Check out this Infographic-

digital marketing nutritionist
Infographic for Digital Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing for Digital Marketing Nutritionist

Do you know how many people using different social media platforms regularly? According to the new research (latest in 2020), 3.8 million people are using social media platforms on daily basis.

So, now you can see it’s potential that over half of the world’s population are on at least one social media platform.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity, right? So, let’s start. First, you should have one business page either on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter anywhere.

I would suggest Facebook and Instagram, so make a business page there and make sure it would be the same as your brand.

Once you have set up your business page, start putting some content on social media. Create a following for yourself but never go for fake followers because it never works.

Whatever content you’re putting just make sure it will be the original one because it helps in building trust and authenticity between you and your followers.


According to research, it has shown that more than 75% of youth are present on Instagram. So, you can predict the opportunity on Instagram.

Nowadays, there is a trend of putting Infographics, Carousels, Short Videos (Reels) on Instagram.

People love to put different kinds of Infographics (Made from Canva) which also makes their profile look good. You can see my profile down below.

Once you start putting contents on your page, you can now look for relevant hashtags which are related to your content and page. You can also use some tools for searching good hashtags like-

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Keyhole
  3. Hashtagify
  4. Ritetag
  5. Trendsmap

These Hashtag research tools are the best to find out what is relevant to you.

You can also learn the full guide on “How to become an Instagram Influencer”.


Like Instagram, Facebook also content plays an important role in increasing your follower base plus the authenticity of your brand.

If you are a nutritionist who is just starting his/her journey then you must have to do some hard work at least in your initial stage. Once your account started growing, you will be able to see that you are automatically getting followers. You have to only work initially to get some engagements.

The secret ingredient for a “healthy content” here is “quality content”. Once you start putting some good content you will see that people are already started following you.

So, never compromise with the quality of the contents.


You probably know how videos are doing wonderfully in the social media industry. According to Social Media Today, 55% of people daily watch videos on YouTube, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

So, videos are on the boom why not to leverage this opportunity?

As a Nutritionist, you can start your own YouTube Channel by creating contents to do digital marketing like-

  • Daily Nutrition Tips,
  • Healthy Vegan Diets
  • Dieting for Vegetarians
  • Reduce Fat in 30 days
  • Secret Recipes

A lot of ideas you can easily get on YouTube by seeing the other people what they are making or you can just Google it.

If you properly make at least 1 video/week, I can guarantee you that you’ll get more business than ever before. The reason is because today everyone love watching videos and the more number of videos you make the more engagement you create.

Influencer Marketing

If you don’t know what is Influencer Marketing and how does it work? So, I’ve already written an article on this.

If you are thinking that becoming an Influencer is not for you, then you can also pay someone else to do the marketing on behalf of you.

Nowadays, almost everyone is at least on one social media platform that’s why people like to watch Influencers’ daily life activities and also want to connect with them.

Influencer Marketing helps in building a kind of trust that you can’t just make by running a Facebook ad. This is because Influencers work hard to build their audience and it takes several months to just get the initial following.

That is why, people like to stay connected with them and this marketing is very effective.

2. Social Media Advertising

You know very well what are social media ads but people don’t know how to get maximum ROI from running ad campaigns. That’s why I am going to give you some best Facebook Ad examples that can actually bring you some pennies in your pocket. So, let’s get started!

1. PillPack

Image source- Adpresso

A great way of expressing the content in the form of an image.

This ad is proof that how social proof plays a major role in getting the first attraction. As you can see that the ad is showing social proof by borrowing the name of Forbes. In this way, it gets an authenticity that is very important for any ad.

2. DailyBurn

Image Source – Adpresso

DailyBurn provides you the access to their workouts videos. This ad campaign is all about FOMO-Fear of Missing Out. This strategy influences a person to just “Buy Now” or regret later. So, you can also use FOMO in your ad campaigns

3. Sales Funnel Management

This is one of my favorite digital marketing especially because I work for Nutritionists. Sales Funnel Management helps you in building long term relationship with your customers. Being a Digital Marketer, I know how much it is important to engage with the audience not only to sell your services but to tell the importance of their health.

As a Nutritionist, sometimes we have to tell people or make them understand why your food is the biggest source of your health.

If you become successful in building trust with them you will notice that they will love to open your emails or just want to read whatever you are sending to them.

That’s why, digital marketing plays a very important role in building this trust.

Let us talk what Sales Funnel actually is.

Sales Funnel depends on AIDA i.e. Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action.

In order to get the people’s attention, you have to follow AIDA.

  1. Awareness- Whenever you start a new business or just start getting clients you need awareness to just tell the people what services you are giving. It’s also important in the sales funnel.
  2. Interest- The second step is to generate curiosity or interest in your product/service. This step is crucial because without any interest your products are not going to sell. For e.g. If you are selling “Vitamin Tablets”, until and unless your customers are knowing what is the importance of vitamins, they will not going to buy.
  3. Decision- Now, it’s time for the decision. If you are a Nutritionist and want your customers to take services from digital marketing, then it’s important to portray a good image of your brand in your customers’ minds. So, how could you do this? You can do this by realizing the importance of their and health and how much it is important to just take care of your health.
  4. Action- Once your customer qualifies all the above three steps, they will start to know your brand and they will start taking actions to buy your product/service.

So, these are the four steps and this is how Sales Funnel actually works.

Sales Funnel Creation

Sales Funnel can be created in many ways. For E.g. you run an ad on Facebook for your Webinar and you have provided a form to fill by the customer.

You can also give them some eBooks, PDFs, Checklists, etc.

Let suppose 100 people filled your form but only 50 attended. You have told everything to your audience about the importance of Nutrition Tablets and now you are asking the people to give their email address so that you can give some daily nutrition tips, let 30 of them give you.

So, now out of these 100 people, 30 people are your target audience which has the highest probability to convert because they have qualified all the steps.

In this way, Sales Funnel works and that is the reason why Sales Funnel Marketing is trending these days.

4. E-mail Marketing

You have probably heard about this type of marketing but do you know why email marketing very effective tool to engage with your customers? In the world of digital marketing, email marketing works best for building a relationship with your clients if you are a Nutritionist.

It is a direct way to engage with your targeted audience. Building a database of your email subscribers is an important way to do digital marketing being a Nutritionist.

How to do Email Marketing as a Nutritionist?

If you are afraid of doing email marketing, then I’ll tell you in a very short and simple way, only in 3 steps how can you do email marketing.

For doing this, you can choose these tools-

  1. Mailchimp
  2. SendGrid
  3. Sendinblue
  4. ConvertKit

Now, Follow these Steps-

Step 1. Get your customers leads in exchange of something valuable like checklists, ebooks, etc.

Step 2. Create an eBook or something like “Free Checklists to get fit in 30 days” or it depends on totally up to you but remember to always give something that offers some sort of values.

Step 3. After getting these leads, now it’s time to send them some emails regularly but doesn’t do spamming because in this way you may lose your customers. Always remember this thumb rule-


So, I’ve told you the basics of email marketing. You can also learn more about it from………..

But don’t get confused between Sales Funnel and Email Marketing, both are different things. Both Sales Funnel and Email Marketing is a way to convert your visitors into customers but you can use email marketing for just marketing. If you want to use email marketing for the sales funnel then you have to follow the whole steps which I’ve told you before.

5. Content Marketing/Blog Marketing

The best example of content writing/blog writing is the article you’re reading now. The thing that I love about content writing for Nutritionists is that I can show up the knowledge about whatever I have.

If you are working in the health field you should definitely have a website where you can write your content and build up a relationship with your audience.

This is kind of marketing can work really well if you have your service-based clinic and want more customers. It is obvious that it doesn’t work in one day you have to put your heart and soul into that but the potential is very high if you work properly on it.

What can you write as a Digital Marketing Nutritionist?

These are some topics or ideas on which you can write articles-

  1. Benefits of being Vegan
  2. Top 10 Healthy Habits
  3. Best Supplements for Sportsperson
  4. Best Vitamin Tablets for Nutrition
  5. Diet Books to read in 2021
  6. 10 Unknown Facts about Supplements
  7. Veganism Vs Vegetarians
  8. The secret of a Healthy Lifestyle
  9. How to overcome a disease?
  10. How to get fit in 30 days?
  11. My Secret towards Healthy Life

So, these are some topics on which you write your content

and can build a relationship with your audience.

The more is your article valuable, the better you can gain the trust of other people.


So, I hope this blog would be beneficial for you because I’ve mentioned all the trending digital marketing techniques that work best for Nutritionists. If you have any queries regarding digital marketing services please ask us in the comment section below.

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