10 Online Business Ideas to Start with No Money

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In this article you’ll learn 10 online business ideas to start from no money. It is a very tough time for us to survive in this crisis period but it doesn’t mean that you can’t start a business.

To become a great leader or a great entrepreneur you don’t require any extraordinary talent or any great idea.

 You just need to have the passion and hard work because you know that these two things can only leads towards the success.

Before further reading this article I would like to mention that this article would be different from those of hundreds of article that you have ever read on the internet.

Because this article will give you the step –by-step approach of implanting every idea.

10 online business ideas to start with no money
10 Online Business Ideas

 And also some ideas are very quick that you can start to implement from today. But I would also like to mention that “No Money” means at least some of money between $100-$200.

Because in order to start a successful career in any field you need some amount of investment, at least your time. And also you need to have a good website to convert your visitors into customers. So, let’s get into this topic.

Before moving further, I would request you to watch my video on “How to do an effective Business Planning?”

How can you start a small online business without money?

It is the biggest myth that you cannot start a business without money. This era is called the Digital Era, everything in this world is becoming digital whether it’s online shopping or just money transaction.

You can see the importance of digital marketing in this world and also digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing.

So, use of this time period must be digging the box of gems!

So, in this article you’ll learn 20 different online business Ideas that can help you to become the leader of your field.

1. Start an Online Course

Education is a basic necessity for all. Therefore, online trends of learning will never go outdated.

Online Business ideas learning

Today most of the people know the importance of online learning. So, it’s a great opportunity to start an online course of your favorite subject.

But how could you start?

Here are some simple solutions for this-You can join some online platforms like-

1. Udemy

Udemy is a very famous platform not for only learning but also for selling online courses.

Pros- All the courses on Udemy is very affordable and the good thing about this platform is anyone can publish a course and can start earning from Day 1!

You should just have a good camera and a mic to make a clear video.

Cons- You’ll get a tough environment of competition, so it’s better to market your course yourself.

2. Coursera

It is another great platform for selling online courses and to share your skills with the world. Coursera is also like Udemy but a bit different from it like in pricing coursera is quite costly than udemy. But has a great opportunity to get students.

2. Blogging

This is another popular online business because it really helps people in earning and you can find great ideas. If you are a good writer then you can start blogging right away.

blogging for online business

But if you don’ know what is blogging and how to write a good article then again you can learn by yourself. Everything that you need to start blogging is already available on the internet.

 There are famous bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, etc. who have already shared every knowledge on the internet for free. So, it may sounds easy to start but yes it also depends on your hard work as well.

To start Blogging there are many platforms like Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress are available and  most of them are totally free. So what are you waiting for? Just go and start earning from today.

3. Online Grocery Business Ideas

You may not find theseonline business ideas on any other article because I will tell you the step-by-step process to start your own Online Grocery Store.

Flat lay of bag of groceries Free Photo
groceries online business ideas

Step 1. First of all, you need an E-Commerce Website. For this you can go to Shopify and can build a beautiful store for yourself.

But if you think that you don’t have time build a website, you are busy in some other stuffs like marketing, operations, etc. Then you can go to ProWorkly and can hire a professional Freelancer to help you in building a great e-commerce website.

Step 2. One thing I would also like to mention is that you have to start this business with at least two people. The reason is because you can’t do everything by yourself. You need to do marketing, business operations, managing the inventory.

So, there are lots of other work that you have to do and you need a person who can do home delivery.

Step 3.Next, you have to manage your inventory but from where you buy your inventory? You can either buy them from your nearby village, tie up with the local farmer or you can buy from local vendor.

So, it would be easy for you to get daily amount of inventories.

At last but not the least, you have to give extra care towards the sanitisation and hygiene. As you know that this is the time period of crisis. Therefore, people are giving more attention towards these things. So, before starting all these you have to make sure of hygiene.

4. E-commerce Store

Do you know that in India the E-Commerce industry is worth of $6.5 million. So, now you see the potential of this industry.

Credit card and using. online shopping concept Premium Photo
e-commerce online business ideas

But the question arises that what exactly do you sell? Or how do you sell?

Do not worry about it, today I’ll give you the step-by-step solution along with examples.

Let’s start with by taking an example of Hand-made goods.

Suppose you want sell your hand-made items on the internet. You can sell it either on Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart and other famous sites or you can sell it on your own E-Commerce site by building an online store.

There are lots of website builder site already available that can help you in this. For e.g.

1. Shopify

It is known as the no. 1 platform for building e-commerce websites. It has various design templates which you can use to make your site look better.

Plans Starts from – $29 to $299

2. Bigcommerce

This is also known as the best platform but it is quite different from Shopify like having flexibility in conversion of any theme.

Plans starts from – $29.95 to $249.95

3. Woocommerce WordPress

It is used by over millions of people who basically like to use WordPress. It is a kind of plugin which is used for all the e-commerce requirements. It’s plans are totally FREE.

4. Squarespace

It is very easy to use, having flexibility as well as having various website features than any other website builder.

Plans start from – $26 to $40

5. Wix.com

This is again a great website builder but it is not specifically for e-commerce websites. Although, you can make brilliant E-Commerce websites from its design templates.

Plans starts from -$23 to $500

The above mentioned websites wold help in making your websites. But if want your own personalised type of website then you can go for ProWorkly and can hire an expert freelancer who can do your job.

5. Online Tutoring Business

These are the new opportunities in the field of education. If you are fond of teaching then you can earn up to ₹1000/class.

Online Tutoring Platform Infographic

There are many platforms for online tutoring like Chegg Tutors, Skooli, Wyzant, TutorMe.

Or if you want then you can start your own platform for the same.

You just need a small website for starting this business and can sell either your recorded videos or it would be better if you teach on live classes.

People won’t believe that many students who wanted to learn from live classes because sometimes students find difficulty in getting things from recorded lectures.

So, according to me, it is very easy to start online business with good ideas. And of course in this pandemic situation everyone like to learn from home so it would be easily scalable.

Now, comes to marketing. You have decided to start this business but how would you approach the children?

Again it’s very easy you just have to share your business to all the people around you. And nowadays, no school, colleges are running. That’s why everyone would love to learn from you.

You can share your business on whatsapp, facebook, instagram and  every platform where you can find students. You can also start a YouTube channel to advertise your online business.

6. YouTube Channel

Today everybody know the importance of videos and how they are changing lives of people. So, why not to start and earn from YouTube? You just need a good quality phone camera. That’s it!


Now, you might get thought about on which topic should I talk about? Don’t worry I will tell you 10 topics on which you can start this journey.

You won’t believe these are amazing online business ideas.

1. Tech Videos

Do you know which type of channel is earning the most amount of revenue today? Obviously Tech channel. Why? Because now everyone has smart phones, laptops, cameras, and other technical items.

So, people are now become more aware towards the Tech. People watch videos before buying any new phone or laptop. That’s why it has a great Importance.

2. Education Videos

Love to teach with videos? Thousands of people are already sharing their knowledge and experience with others. You can make videos on books if you love to read or you can teach school children also.

So, there is no limit of doing things because today every single idea can be converted into a business.

3. Food Vlogging

Another interesting stuffs for foodies. If you are food lover then you can start this channel by telling people about healthy foods and its importance in our lives.

Food Vlogging can be started from the home as well. So, if you are passionate about tastes then it’s just a piece of cake for you.

4. Business Videos

If you have a passion in business and entrepreneurship then you can also start a business YouTube Channel. Now, there are various number things that you can talk about like marketing, start-ups, business news, case studies.

And believe me that there are number of people who are eager to learn new things daily.

5. Health Videos

You know very well that there are many people who are either over weight or under weight. So, why not to start a health related videos on YouTube?

If you are a nutritionist or just want to talk about health you could also become next famous health vlogger.

6. Fashion Vlogger

Fashion is a huge industry in any country and also people love to watch fashion videos as well. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Who doesn’t want to wear nice clothes?

So, according to me, it’s a great choice and everyone want to watch such type of videos.

7. Music Videos

Are you a famous singer? No, don’t worry because today you can become a popular singer. If you have a talent of singing then you can show to the world on YouTube.

You have already heard of some singers who became popular by just YouTube videos. So, why not to share your talent with the world? You can also become next Superstar!

8. Comedy Videos

Do you that on an average every 4th person is suffering from depression? So, if you have a talent to laugh anyone then this career is perfect for you. Because you are responsible for somebody’s smile and what else is greater than this?

9. Travel Videos

Who doesn’t wants to travel? But everybody can’t afford to travel. You are a traveler, love to explore the world so why not share your passion with the world? You can make travel videos and can share it with the help of videos.

10. Movie Review

Today before going to cinema hall people like to watch the movie reviews on YouTube.

That’s why movie review channels are also becoming popular.

So, go and enjoy your popcorn and start earning from that.

These are some ideas of starting a YouTube Channel. People always give excuses that they don’t know how to start or on what topic should they start?

So, I hope I have solved this problem by giving some great and popular ideas.

7. Dropshipping Business

Do you know what exactly Dropshipping is?


It is a supply chain management system in which a retailer does not keep goods or items in stock. Instead transfers its customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler.

Dropshipping business has become very popular these days because it is hassle-free and doesn’t require any stock management system.

So, if you are planning to start this business then it’s very simple to start. There are many online websites that can help you in this.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  1. Less money required
  2. No need for a physical location
  3. Huge Variety of products to sell
  4. Easy to scale
  5. Easy to start

How much money required to start this business?

 The estimated cost is around $30 – $500 depending on your necessities.

It’s not that much costly as you start any other e-commerce store because when you start it doesn’t require any inventory costs. So, you get ultimately the profits only.

How much money can I make?

Again it all depends on your hard work and on the marketing also. Because Dropshipping business require lots of marketing.

Research about the products that people like the most. Use Google Trends.

In this way, you are able to track what products are selling or what are not selling.

8. Freelancing

This Business is again very popular nowadays because today there are not many jobs available, that’s why people started to develop their own careers by themselves.

You can learn how to start Freelancing Career in full detail here.

Follow these steps to start an Online Freelancing Career :

  1. Find out your goals
  2. Define a profitable niche
  3. Figure out who you are going to sell or targeted customers
  4. Create a portfolio website.
  5. Start your digital journey.

9. Publish an eBook

Do you know that today eBooks are more popular than a physical book? So, why not to grab this opportunity of publishing your own eBook?

eBook tablet Infographic for online business

Today, every person love to read eBooks. If you are just passionate about reading and writing articles on the internet then you could also sell it online.

Anyone can self-publish his eBook online and you can also sell then on big websites like Amazon.

The overhead cost to publish an eBook is very low. All you have to focus is on the best and effective writing. Before writing any article you have to make sure to find out your best niche.

The smaller niche you choose, the better you reach your audience.

In this field of writing you have to invest your money on the professional writing. You can also hire some copywriters or have some proof-readers to edit your content and make them better. These are also really good online business ideas.

10. Graphic Designing

This career is literally booming today. Why? Because you need graphic designing everywhere. It doesn’t matter you are writing a book or you are selling out your products online, the demand is everywhere.

Graphic design studio workspace online business

Graphic designing requires in every marketing campaigns like banner ads, animations, Instagram or Facebook ads, etc.

There are many software and apps for graphic designing like-

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Photoshop
  3. Canva
  4. Coreldraw
  5. Adobe Spark
  6. Sketch
  7. Affinity Designer
  8. Adobe Indesign

So, you can start by choosing any one software and start designing.


I hope this article helped you in finding your answers because today anyone can start an online business with just few knowledge.

If you have any doubts then please feel free to ask and comment down below. I will try to answer your query.

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